Computer Applications Sample Projects:

Personal Portfolio Web Page authoring and Photoshop
Personal Portfolios provide a space for students to display a purposeful collection of their best work or progress over time. Portfolios illustrate achievement, growth, and the inherent uniqueness of each student. Published portfolios must contain self-selected materials from more than one area of the curriculum and reflections of student learning. The portfolio may serve as part of a college application process or career preparation.

Students learn HTML coding, file formatting, and advanced graphic techniques during this three-stage project. Students begin working with .jpg and .gif graphics, manipulating them through Adobe Photoshop to make them web ready. Then basic HTML is taught alongside the program Dreamweaver by Macromedia. Students use scanners and digital cameras to create unique artwork and graphics for their electronic learning portfolio. As the semester progresses, students create their complete personal portfolio: a personal mission statement, resume, samples of education work, and samples of personal interests.

Portfolio Resources

Project Requirements / Writing your Introduction/ Personal Introduction Rubric /Peer Review Checklist / Resume Template / Resume Rubric

My Dream Computer
Students focus on learning computer hardware and software terminology and basics of desktop publishing using word processing software. Included in the project is determining key hardware components in computers today, practice building a sample motherboard, and learning the relationship between processor, harddrive and memory systems that determine a computers price. In the end, students build a brochure describing their ideal computer based on their needs.

Stock Market Project - Internet Use & Resources
In this technology project you will use the Internet as a resource for learning how you can build wealth through investing in public corporations that offer security in their companies through ownership of stock. Students will use on-line resources to research companies financial information, look up ticker symbols, analyze competitors, build an on-line portfolio, and learn to risk-avoidance tactics to maximize your chance for profit. The final project will include the online portfolio and a multimedia presentation in Powerpoint. Students will learn basic graphic creation and enhancement in Adobe Photoshop.

Project Overview / Vocabulary / How to determine Annual Sales Increases / Annual Sales Worksheets / Portfolio Grading

Annotated Bibliography:
Advanced Internet Use, Boolean & Citations
This project teaches advanced web searching skills, Boolean Operators, and educational research sites, and proper web-citing techniques through a project in which students research various aspects of their culture. Students learn the importance of good word choice within Internet searching and how to compose a proper search string (or collection of words use for searching with). Students are introduced to Boolean operators to expand or restrict searching and master the use of education databases provided by the Alaska State Database Initiative. Key in good searching is the ability to discern truth from lies on the Internet and evaluating reliability of websites. Students are required to evaluate and understand the difference between proven fact and opinion. The final activity is a perfect list of properly cited annotated bibliography of online resources regarding their culture.

Overview / Search Assignment #1 / Annotated Bibliography Assignment / Sample Quiz Review