Web Design

Web Design teaches advanced web page authoring, graphic manipulation and multi-media integration, file maintenance and management in a manner stressing independence and self-motivated learners. The aim of the course is to learn advanced technology equipment and integration using primarily individual and peer resources. By the end of the course, students should be able to teach themselves computer programs and solve technology problems when they occur.  

Prerequisites: Computer 1 & 2 at MEHS · Students must be at least of sophomore standing.


1.  MEHS Web Page Revisions - Students analyze Mt. Edgecumbe High School website and pinpoint areas in most need of change or revision. Students work individually to complete a revision project. Students receive a review of  HTML authoring, while also learning complex graphic manipulation and animation construction.

2. Collaborative Learning Project - Each Webmaster student will partner with two-three other webmasters in teaching teams. Teams will then select an advanced Webpage authoring technique to learn and present back to the class. We will use the Jigsaw strategy where students will split into 3 main work groups, then individuals will splinter into teaching teams that teach their original groups what they have learned. Students will be responsible for teaching one class session and then work with larger group.

3. Java/Multimedia Web pages - Students learn the basics on incorporating Java Applets and Scripts to their pages to add advanced graphical elements to their design. Once the basic text applets are mastered, students then move on to incorporating the more advanced navigational and animated graphic scripts. Students are required to incorporate Java as well as complete the sound integration training.

4. Video Storytelling Project - Students will create a brief video that relates elements of their culture or life at MEHS to be broadcast via the MEHS web site. In creating the video stories, students will learn new video & sound editing equipment & technology and learn to communicate effectively in digital video format.  Media files may cover subjects such as recording an event game, concert, or performance and then create a brief introduction and summary. Students will become familiar with streaming media, video and sound editing technology. Students who develop a video will be given the opportunity to participate in the Ididamovie contest.

Course Grading Policy

This class is graded on Pass/Fail basis. Students must pass all required competencies in order to pass the course. To pass this course, students must display: 1) Mastery of Dreamweaver web authoring program 2) ability to manipulate graphics, multi-media forms and their corresponding equipment 3) use creativity in page design 4) learn independently and display leadership.