Sorry, no java browser The collaborative Video Storytelling project seeks to:

  • Expand the MEHS learning community across the Pacific.
  • Utilize video conferencing equipment to become leaders in this new and emerging technology
  • Enhance literacy skill development, media creation and criticism
  • Create and the documentation, preservation, and promotion of Alaskan heritages found within MEHS.

MEHS students build partnerships with Kamehameha Schools of Hawaii (a boarding school for Native Hawaiian students) to create videos relating cultures, ideas, and personality of our cultures.

The three main focus areas of the project will be:
1) Increase student literacy skills through creation of video stories that document, preserve and promote Alaska’s indigenous cultures
2) Provide opportunities that encourage leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills
3) Increase technology and media literacy through creation and involvement in digital video creation, audio and video conferencing

Project Outline

Phase 1 - 2003-2004
· Begin Digital Storytelling project. Students work in small groups to create 2 minute video storytelling projects. Students will share information with a KS group regarding storyboarding, video creation, and editing.
· Provide opportunities for students to enter their films in the Idamovie Video Storytelling competition.
· Investigate the possibility of student exchanges between Alaska and Hawaii

Phase 2 –– 2004-onward
Collaboration through Video Conferencing
· Initiate collaboration projects where students in the two schools work on one project together. Examples could include the significance of whales in both cultures, local boat building methods, or traditional subsistence practices.
· Develop a full-fledged partnership with students in the two schools with sharing of ideas, resources, and information between the cultures. The communication will be fully documented via emails, storyboard exchanges, and peer review process.
· Initiate an exchange program between Alaska and Hawaii.
· Provide opportunities for students to enter their films in the Idamovie and Island Movie Video Storytelling competition