Video Storytelling -  Overview
In this project webmasters will reach out to students across the globe in a new project involving video storytelling, communication skills and media literacy. Students will work in teams to create a 1-2 minute video that relates elements of their culture or life in Alaska. Once the video has been created, students will have the option to enter their videos in the 2005 Ididamovie contest and participate in audio and video conferences with other participating schools. In creating the video stories, students will learn new video & sound editing equipment & technology and learn to communicate effectively in digital video format. 
State Standards Addressed:
Technology A1-5, B1-3, C- 1-3, D 1-3, E 1-8
English A1-8
Timeline & Dates
Week 1
Introduce project & equipment overview. Select topic & begin storyboarding.
Due at end of week: Story board draft.
Week 2
View samples & introduce filming basics. Once storyboarding is complete, students can check out video cameras and begin filming
Due at end of week: Pre-production plan with filming location/props outlined
Week 3
Complete filming & editing
Due at end of week: All scenes outlined in pre-production plan to be finished
Final editing & presentation to be completed.

Sample Student Videos