Introduction checklist:


Your Name:  __________________________________________ per: ______________


Your Peer Reviewer: ______________________________________________________


Complete this check list before handing in your final graded introduction. Staple both copies (final and peer reviewed with comments) to this sheet. Your grading rubric is printed on the back.                                                             

Self Check


Peer Cheeck


Includes complete, informative, well-written paragraphs – who you are and what are your interests or goals



Intro –

Has a hook or a quote to interest reader



Paragraphs have topic sentences




Generalizations & Details:


_____ Use a variety of sentence structure

_____ Details are not common or clich

_____ Details relate important elements of who the writer is




There are a variety of transitions used



Closing Sentence:

The closing sentence makes the paragraph feels like it is finished




Is free of no-no words



May only have two sentences that start with I – in each paragraph. Count them.



Has varying sentence structure. Not all sentences are written in the same style.



Sentence order is logical. Your paragraph flows from one detail to the next. Transitions are applied where needed




Paragraphs relate personal information in an interesting manner




Writing is free of typos & spelling errors. Dont forget spell check.




Writing is free of basic grammar errors such as capitalization and basic punctuation errors such as period.