Tracing Traditions 

Internet Searching, Citing, & Boolean

Successful Internet searching requires

1) Good word choice (creating a search string)

2) Going to a good source

3) Using Boolean operators

In the process students will

Learn key Boolean language to enhance searches

Master using world wide web & database resources

Practice creating search strings by using good word choice & Boolean operators

Compile an annotated bibliography of resources found on the Internet outlining articles and website where cultural information can be found

Create a perfect Internet Citation document using proper MLA format.

Instead of surfing, you will be searching.

Weekly Outlines:
Week 1  
Day 1

Introduce Project,
Sifting through the commercialism of the web,
Brainstorm - How is Culture Evident?

Complete your culture profile

Day 2 Creating Search Strings for good word choice
Assignment: Search Assignment #1 - Due next day.
Using the * in Searching
Ebsco Academic Database
Day 3

Pre-quiz on Boolean Operators
Ebsco, day 2 - Demonstrate using photos searches, advanced searches
Sample annotation - 2 due at end of period

Day 4 Create Culture Word Search List
Using the Boolean Operators [and, (), ""]
Introduction to Electric Library
Assignment: 1citations from Electric Library
Day 5 Venn Diagram - Comparing Cultures
Boolean 101 -- on the web
Complete Boolean Handout 
Complete two Electric Library citations
Day 6
Using the Boolean Operators "And" and "And Not"
Introduction to Infotrac
Assignment: 2 citations from Infotrac
Students should have 6 citations to date
Week 2 ~ Week 3