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Project Introduction and Overview: In this technology project you will use the Internet as a resource for learning how you can build wealth through investing in public corporations that offer security in their companies through ownership of stock.

Students will use on-line resources to research companies financial information, look up ticker symbols, analyze competitors, build an on-line portfolio, and learn to risk-avoidance tactics to maximize your chance for profit. The final project will include the online portfolio and a multimedia presentation in Powerpoint. Students will learn basic graphic creation and enhancement in Adobe Photoshop.

Why stock ?

Investing in stocks is one way to make money and build wealth. Moreover, stock investing can be done by any citizen in any walk of life. Stock trading is one way for you to profit within our free enterprise system.

In the United States, and many other capitalistic (free-enterprise) economies, companies are traded publicly and offer citizens the opportunity to profit from their business. Participation in the trading (buying and selling of stock) of securities offers us one way to make money in business without having to actually operate a business. In the stock investment world access to information and timing have long formed barriers for the people interested in trading for profit.

In the age of satellites and the Internet many of the traditional barriers to information access and timing have disappeared. It is becoming increasing easier for the average citizen to participate in the stock trading opportunities of the investment world. Access to stock information and trading is available in real-time twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Project Timeline: This project will last for the duration of the semester with your presentation and summary of your investment portfolio due the final two weeks of the school year.

Project Resources: This project has several key documents and Internet resource sites (handouts) to support your journey into the stock investment world. Additionally, the teacher will guide you through this learning opportunity and provide you with other resources and sources of information.

How much $ money do I have?: Investors often start very small ($1000.00 or less) and build their investment portfolios piece by piece placing a portion of their earnings into additional investments. For the purposes of this project and our limited time you are more fortunate. You have $ 50,000.00 in cash to invest for the duration of this semester! Lets find wealth!

Some of our chosen world Wide web resources may be found here.

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