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Sevilla is located in southern Spain and is an amazing mix of Castillian and Arabic influences. It is known as a center for Flamenco, bullfighting, and a generally festive atmosphere. Its not uncommon to see crowds of people that have spilled out from a bar standing around on the sidewalk drinking beer and engaging in festive conversations, at nearly any hour of the day.

Sevilla's famous bullring
And maybe not so famous bulls
Here is an example of an Arabic-influenced building. I was not expecting this when I came to Spain.
Just so you can compare it to Castillian...What do you think?
Here's Dale by the Rio Guadalquivir.
Part of the river walk...I love the palm trees.
This was originally the minaret of mosque where Sevilla's Cathedral now sits. The tower was made wide enough so you can ride horses up to the top! Wouldn't that be fun? You can see the bottom part, which is moorish, and the top part that was "improved upon" by the Catholics.
Here's inside of the bell tower. It was quite loud in there when we suddenly realized that it was noon!
This is the Alcazar, It was founded as a fort, then became a palace of Sevilla's Moorish and Spanish rulers. I liked this pictures because it shows the differences in architectures of the two different cultures.
The gardens of the Alcazar. I took a lot of pictures of this area that I won't bore you with. I will say that I'd choose an Arabic palace over an Italian one any day (see the Venice page when I get it done).
Inside of the palace...Quite interesting
Whoo hoo...This is one of the largest pipe organs in the world. Dale and I went to a concert there - OK I drug him in there - thinking it would be one of those once in a lifetime experiences. It was, as I'll never do that again.
This is an example of the culture of Sevilla. It's sometime around 2 in the afternoon and crowds from the bodeguita have taken over the street.
Looking up at the Cathedral facade from the Patio de los Naranjos
Seville oranges of course.
They are so ubiquitous that most markets sell incense that wafts the smell of oranges all throughout town. Its amazingly pleasant.
This is me on a day when I was being a particularly stubborn Taurus. I fit in quite well with the other bull...
Check out those shoes! Like I said, dancing is very big here in Sevilla