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The thermal baths of Budapest

The grand Széchenyi Bath "lap pool"

Budapest sits on the geological fault separating the Buda Hills from the Great Plains of Hungary. This fault has formed 118 thermal springs with 30,000 cubic meters of warm to scalding mineral water gushing forth daily.*

Thermal baths are big attrations on weekends, and its very much the thing to do when traveling, has Hungary has hundreds of thermal springs and resorts because of geothermics. This page features pictures of two of our favorites, Gellert and Széchenyi Baths



The Gellert hotel and baths were built by the city of Budapest as part of a conscious policy to make Budapest into a city of baths. The hotel and baths are far more elegant than anything I've ever been in. Can you believe they let me in?

Covered inside swimming pool

Dale, aka "Alaska Man" in the lobby. Check out the marble and stained glass. Pretty cool, eh?

A close-up of the artwork on the outside of the hotel

Inside Art Nouveau statue & decoration

The outside swimming pool. Looks quite pleasant, doesn't it?

Everything changes when at the beginning of the hour, the wave machine gets turned on.

The children run and scream and adults try to stay standing. Note guy in lower right trying to keep his child from slamming into stone pool decorations. They would never have this in the US. Its amazingly good fun.

This is a shot of the grounds of the hotel, and in the background is the beloved tram that takes you there. More on Budapest's awesome public transit later.


Here's a picture of the outside of the hotel. Quite grand really.

This is the inside lobby, complete with more marble, stained glass and cool statues.


Széchenyi Baths

One of the most notable things about the Szechenyi Baths is its size with 9 - count em 9 thermal indoor and outdoor pools. The other noteworthy item is that the water temperatures are actually what the wall plaques say they are supposed to be. No scalding mistakes there!

The very elegant building surrounding the outdoor pools. With the overhanging flowers, its really quite lovely

This outdoor pool features favorite attraction at this location: the current pool. This one blasts you around the tile circle enclosure with such force it makes the Whitehorse current pool look like a stagnant pond

Another picture of the current pool, hard to capture the action in a still photo

This is a picture of the warmest outdoor pool (note pink tinge to bathers' skin)

Inside these yellow buildings are, guess what? More pools! Each one is a different temp. But if you get bored w/ swimming, there are also steams and saunas you can go into

I liked this picture

Dale at the end of a day at the baths. These Hungarians know how to live.

Here's how relaxed you too could look at the end of the day at the Széchenyi Baths