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Check out my house! Don't you want to visit?

Here are some pictures of my new house. Its a quick 20 min. tram ride from all of the action downtown, next to dozens of trails and the former hunting grounds of Budapest's royalty, and a 10 min. drive from school. Supposedly I can also hike, ski, or bike to school from here via the trail system, but I haven't figured that out yet. The home was originally built as a guest house, so I have 3 rooms which could be used as bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms. You can chose which one you want when you get here.

Willow says, "Come & see my house,
there's lots of room."

My terrace & view

The living room came like this.
Not too bad, eh?

The outside of the haz

Just outside the outside

This is my favorite part of the place
Just one of the many trails out my back door.

Gliders getting ready to take flight.
This is a great picnic spot on Saturdays.

A real Hungarian bed

This bathroom could be yours!
The house has 4 bathrooms to chose from
when you come and visit!

The Garden & Tiki Bar

The full garden