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Look out Griswalds...

The Seapy's Visit California

Le bebe y le bebe...Elisa and Alliana

And the question is, will she have the good looks of her mother?

Who said Disneyland is only for kids? Look at the cool chicks you can meet at California Adventure.

Who are these two hotties in the pool? (Email me if you want a bigger picture of this for your wall :)

Note the big smile. This was taken before I got pummeled by waves.


Fun was unendending on Randy's Island

And here's the star of the vacation. Your job is to figure out who she looks like more. Check out mom & dad next pict and see if you can tell.


The Laycocks and some of Bean's fabulous Margaritas - just one example of her culinary expertise.

Lu and Bean on girls night out seeing the play "Art" and then some spectacular desserts at Cedar Creek Inn - or something like that.

Now there are some real dames. Note that mom looks the best out of all of us. How does she do that?

Whoa! How much brandy was in that bread pudding?

OK - that's better.

Dad - Note pot holder on left to handle the chilled salad plates

The new way to wear sunscreen; all globbed on so no sun will ever get through that goo. We can only hope that Ally inherits her mom's winning personality.

What an angel

staight from heaven

contemplating deeply

and certainly not crabby

Getting ready for the Tower of Terror (Bean's warming up).

Tina and Dave before the rapids ride