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Castle Hill District

The Castle District rests on a flattened crag above the center of Budapest. Citizens of Buda moved up on top of the hill after multiple invasions and built thick walls around their Baroque city. The area has served as a district of government and the last retreat for many of Hungary's invaders. It was battered to pieces in January of 1945 when the German forces were completely surrounded, but held out for almost a month. That was the city's 31st siege! Sadly, much of what you see below is not original, although there are a few buildings dating back to the middle ages. *


King Matthias Church originally was constructed for German Burgers, but in Turkish times the furnishings were removed and the walls were redecorated. With the clash of cultures, its a very distinct church inside.
Fishermen's Bastion
In the Middle Ages the fish market was nearby and this part of the wall was traditionally defended by the Guild of Fishermen. Above is a replica of the two of the original 5 towers.
Tourists can ride through the cobbled streets in carriages after having too much cake at the Rosewurm Cakehouse
Holy Trinity Column
The monument was erected between 1710-1713 by inhabitants of Buda to fend off a plaque epidemic
The quite streets of Castle Hill
These houses date back to the Middle ages. Could you imagine what these walls have seen?
Archways, the original side streets
We just thought this sign (signifying a wine shop) was cool
Nicknamed "The most hussar of the Hussars" this is a statue of András Haddik, a general and commander of Buda Castle
Notice that part of this statue is a slightly different color. It is believed that rubbing a specific part of the statue on the morning of exams will bring good luck to students. Can you guess which part?

The 80-meter spire of King Matthias Church. The original tower is intact up to the first three floors, the rest is restored. The pictures (right) are close ups of some of the decorations on the outside of the church. I like the detailed ribs on the top pict. The bottom gargoyle is just your standard freaky cat :)

The view from Castle Hill looking at the Pest side of Budapest

The Labyrinth

Underneath Castle Hill is a series of tunnels known as the "Labyrinth." The caves and tunnels were originally made by water, but many of the homes have staircases into the labyrinth, which has served uses varying from escape routes, shelters, and who knows what else. Its pretty dark and scary in parts.

Could you imagine getting stuck behind these looked doors?
They've tried to make the Labyrinth more tourist friendly by developing a new-agey story line. This is Dale trying to pull man, "the conqueror of the animals" off his horse.


Information from "Budapest, A Critial Guide" by Andras Torok