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These pictures were taken on May 28, 2005 on a hike up Mt. Verstovia (below). The 13 year old Super Willow hiked the full 3,000 + feet as did Pepper, Mountain Chihuahua.

See Beaver Lake & Sitka Shots

Lu and dogs at the summit (note we did not stay there long for fear the dogs would fall off the mountain.)

The summit of Verstovia, as seen from Picnic Rock

View on the way up the mountain

"OK, enough of this picture taking, let's get moving," Pepper.

Pictures at the picnic spot

Family Portrait (minus Sparky who is busy keeping bears out of Sitkoh Creek field camp)

"No really, we are good dogs...."

"If I concentrate long enough on that sandwich, it will be mine."

"This sure beats Florida"